Kevin Locke's Homepage

Vim Scripts

This is a collection of some of my scripts for the Vim text editor.

Microsoft Message File Support

Support syntax highlighting and some format-specific settings for the Microsoft Message File format.

Integration Status

Included in current releases of Vim.


For recent versions of Vim, no installation is necessary. For old versions of Vim, the scripts can be installed with the following procedure:

  1. Place the msmessages.vim syntax file into the syntax folder of your Vim installation (or Vim user directory) and the msmessages.vim ftplugin file into the ftplugin directory.
  2. Either add au BufRead,BufNewFile *.mc set filetype=msmessages into your vimrc file or into a newly created file in an ftdetect folder adjacent to ftplugin and syntax (or any other method described in the instructions in filetype.txt).


MIT or under the same terms as the Vim License.