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Welcome to Kevin Locke's home on the web. This site is a collection of odds and ends that I think may be of interest. For more information about me or about anything on this site, or to send suggestions, comments, or requests, contact me. Enjoy!

Which Kevin Locke is this?

As unusual as this may sound, there are more than one of me. Or, at least, there is more than one person with the name Kevin Locke. So, to differentiate myself from the other Kevin Lockes of the world, here's a quick description of who I am and some pointers to a few other Kevin Lockes that I have come across on the web:

I am the son of William Locke and Charlene Locke, and the brother of Brian Locke. I grew up in Bozeman, MT (in the United States), graduated Magna with a B.S. in C.S. from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, was co-founder and president of Digital Engine Software, and served as the Director of Engineering at Quantpost. I am often involved in Free and Open-Source Software and the community surrounding it. If you are still unsure if I am the Kevin Locke you are looking for, see if one of my contact points looks familiar, or feel free to ask me.

Other Kevin Lockes