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UltraGetopt for Java


UltraGetopt for Java is the Java imagening of UltraGetopt. It provides the features and flexibility of UltraGetopt in a way that is more suited to the Java environment.


Development Status

Actively being developed. UltraGetopt for Java supports everything that I need at the moment. A list of features which I am considering implementing, as time permits, is included in the TODO file. Bug fixing and improved compatibility support will be addressed whenever an issue arises. As always, if you have a bug to report, feature to request, or the desire to hack on the software yourself, drop me a line.



Supported Systems

Should work on any system that provides a Java runtime version 1.5.0 or greater. Provides compatibility with the command-line conventions of Mac OS, Windows, (Open)BSD, and Linux (GNU).



  1. Download it
  2. Make sure that ultragetopt.jar is in the class path for your program
  3. Optionally, generate the javadocs from the sources provided in the JAR file.


The documentation for UltraGetopt for Java is generated using Javadoc, and is available online. Usage information and example programs are included in the UltraGetopt package documentation.


Configuration of UltraGetopt for Java is all set by the Behavior options to the UltraGetopt constructor. Please consult the javadoc for a list of options supported.


The UltraGetopt for Java JAR file is a signed archive. You can download my X.509 certificate and verify the integrity of the archive. You can also verify the authenticity of the certificate using the detached PGP signature. However, verifying the authenticity of my PGP key is not something that can be linked to from this page and is left as an exercise for the reader.

Known Bugs

Planned Features