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PIV - Perl Image Viewer


PIV is a no-frills image viewer built using GTK2-Perl. It was designed as a replacement for qiv, after a great deal of personal frustration with qiv. It also happens to be the first program of any size that I have written in Perl - so it is a bit of a learning experiment.


Development Status

Still a work in progress. PIV is lacking several features and a good deal of polish. Although I am happy with where it is, there are a lot more details that need work and I am sporadically attempting to deal with them. As with all my projects, feature suggestions, patches, and all other contributions are welcome. If you are interested in contributing, just let me know what you are working on to prevent duplication.



Supported Systems

Should work on any system with Perl and the GTK2-Perl library.



  1. Download and install Tie::Cache from CPAN (perl -MCPAN -e 'install Tie::Cache' or apt-get install libtie-cache-perl on Debian or Debian-based distros)
  2. Download it
  3. Mark it executable (chmod +x piv)
  4. Run it.


PIV has user documentation in the form of POD, which can be converted into a manual page using pod2man. To view the manual page simply run pod2man piv | man -l - (or, if your viewer does not like reading from stdin, pod2man bin/piv > piv.1 ; man piv.1).


Configuration file support is on the TODO list, but none is currently supported. Key mappings can be changed by editing the hash at the top of piv (which is pretty intuitive even to those new to Perl). All other options can be changed at runtime using the control keys described in the manual page.

Known Bugs

Planned Features