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DuelTracker is a World of Warcraft AddOn which collects information about duels that the user observes. Specifically, it collects information about the names, races, classes, levels, and guilds of the duelers along with the type of victory (fled or defeated). It can then produce statistics from the data which are presented to the user or to other players (if configured to do so) using a text/message-oriented interface. Advanced users can also export statistics and records in CSV format for use by other programs.


  1. Unobtrusive operation (unnoticeable under most circumstances, configurable)
  2. Supports multiple mechanisms of gathering information (from who queries and optionally targeting)
  3. Supports messaging statistics to other players by request (configurable)
  4. Supports export to CSV formats (requires Lua interpreter)

Development Status

Usable, but lacking features. I have not been playing WoW much lately, and for that reason, I haven't put much effort into DuelTracker for a while. Therefore, I encourage anyone interested in developing it further to go for it and feel free to send me any development questions.



Supported Systems



  1. Download it
  2. Unzip it into the World of Warcraft Interface AddOns directory (usually C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns)
  3. Run World of Warcraft and confirm that it is properly loaded by clicking on the AddOns button from the Character Selection Screen

Example Usage


DuelTracker can be configured by typing /dueltracker config [option value] into the chat window. This will set option to value. For a list of available configuration options, type /dueltracker config. A complete explanation of the options is provided in the README.txt file.

Known Bugs

If the user sends a who request at the same time that DuelTracker does the user will not see any results from their query. This is currently minimized as much as possible by using a player information cache and by limiting the time that the event is disconnected as much as possible. The user may also configure DuelTracker to use targeting for gathering information which will further reduce the appearance of this bug.

Planned Features