Some quick notes about connecting Subaru STARLINK to a home wireless network (e.g. for firmware updates):

  • Wi-Fi Settings only shows password-protected wireless networks in its available Wi-Fi networks list. I have not found a way to connect to open networks.
  • Wi-Fi Settings does not show networks on channel 48. Presumably it excludes channels 36-64, which are limited to indoor use in many countries (although not the USA, where it is currently configured). Channels 153 and 157 worked for me. (Presumably 149-165 would also work.)
  • Check for Updates may display the error “Please Connect to a Wi-Fi Access Point or connect your mobile device and run the Aha Radio application (version 5 or later) to check for updates.” even when it is connected to a wireless network. This is a generic “can’t connect to update server” message which could be caused by low signal strength, or any other network issue. It is not necessarily a wireless connection issue.

These issues together significantly complicated the connecting and troubleshooting process for me. I hope that by reading this you can more easily correct or avoid these issues. Good luck!