This blog has been dead for the last couple of years, without a single post since the beginning of April, 2013. In that time I’ve been preoccupied with other endeavors, primarily Quantpost, and haven’t had time to document any of my minor discoveries. Luckily for readers, this blog is only mostly-dead, not all-dead, and I am planning to bring it back to life.

I have recently moved to Seattle, WA to attend courses at the University of Washington and am planning to make time available for writing new content. I have a few drafts of new posts that have been waiting to be completed since 2013 which are still relevant and useful, as well as a and a long list of topics that deserve attention which has accumulated over the past 2 years. I make no guarantees about the frequency or volume of upcoming posts, but you can expect several new posts in the next few weeks and posts on a more regular basis after that. Perhaps even some style improvements to make the blog easier to read. So, without further ado, on to the new posts!