In tracking down some persistent errors relating to using Squeryl with Lift, I’ve found that the latest version of BoneCP does not appear to be safe for use in this scenario. This article is a quick discussion of the symptoms that I am seeing and how to avoid them.

The Setup

The setup that I am using is quite generic and based on the example configurations on the Squeryl-Record wiki page. Basically, I’m using the following code in my Lift Boot class:

Props.get("db.driver") map { Class.forName(_) }

val config = new BoneCPConfig()
Props.get("db.jdbcUrl") map { config.setJdbcUrl(_) }
Props.get("db.username") map { config.setUsername(_) }
Props.get("db.password") map { config.setPassword(_) }

val connPool = new BoneCP(config)
val adapterName = Props.get("db.squerylAdapter").open_!
var adapterClass = Class.forName(adapterName).asInstanceOf[Class[DatabaseAdapter]]
// Note:  Passed by name, called repeatedly
    Session.create(connPool.getConnection, adapterClass.newInstance)

S.addAround(new LoanWrapper {
  override def apply[T](f: => T): T = inTransaction { f }

The Symptoms

With the above code in place (and some pages which make read queries), I would see the following log messages:

[] WARN  c.jolbox.bonecp.ConnectionPartition - BoneCP detected an unclosed connection and will now attempt to close it for you. You should be closing this connection in your application - enable connectionWatch for additional debugging assistance.

Which would be followed (on the next page access) by:

\[qtp3266018-33 - /path\] ERROR net.liftweb.http.LiftRules - Exception being returned to browser when processing /path: Message: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: This connection has been closed.

So, as suggested in the warning message, I tried enabling connectionWatch, which had no effect. It appears that this is only helpful if a thread holding an open connection dies.

Next I created a proxy for Connection to observe creation/close and it appears that all connections (technically, connection handles, since BoneCP manages the real connections) are being closed.

At this point I started to suspect an issue in BoneCP, so I tried downgrading to 0.7.1.RELEASE and all of the problems vanished. Hopefully this solution will work for others in the same situation as well as it did for me.